GSoC: report #3

During the last couple of week, the following points were achieved:

  • The list of recently connected servers is now correctly saved.
  • Initial work on keyboard support.
  • Some real research on how Nautilus will handle the new mocups.

Fortunately, my graduation is now totally finished. I was also accepted in the Mastering Course in Information Systems here at University of São Paulo (yay!). From now on, I’ll be fully committed to the Summer of Code project, and you guys will see much more updates 🙂

This week, I’ll:

  • Submit GtkPlacesView widget for review
  • Start serious hacking on Nautilus

6 thoughts on “GSoC: report #3

      1. That seems to just be a different presentation for the “Connect to server” dialog in Nautilus 3.16. (and I have to say, what you’re cooking up for 3.18 looks great!)

        The bug I linked to is that in 3.16, the “Connect to server” dialog doesn’t remember servers that have been connected to.

        It seems from your article that you’re fixing that for 3.18, which is great. 🙂


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