How’s my hacking routine at Endless

As some of you may know, I’m working with Endless for some months now. It probably is a cultural shock, but they exceed every aspect I’ve imagined. If you dear reader is not aware of what Endless is and does, I strongly suggest you to go to and check it out. Believe me, it’s worth the time.

I usually have to deal with some daily things: martial arts training, chores, mastering research, wife, among other less important stuff. My first surprise: in terms of work, this doesn’t matter. As long as I’m able to handle my tasks, it’s not required to work from X a.m. to Y p.m. nor my workflow is enforced.

A second to explain some cultural curiosities: here in Brazil, it’s absolutely normal for an employer to set up the exact time an employee must arrive, leave, break, talk, breathe and anything else you can do besides working. Also, one should expect a daily 2h travel to reach the workplace, usually accompanied by the 3rd (Rio de Janeiro) or 7th (São Paulo) worst traffic worldwide.

After adapting to my new routine, it is quite common for a day to run like this: wake up, do my chores, turn on my laptop and work for some hours. After lunching, some more work, study and research, train hard, work some more and sleep.

But why am I writing this? Because I’m so, so happy with this routine. I just arrived home after removing the last bits of a surgery, and I can work. And it’s something I love. I’d be doing this work even without payment.

That said, let’s return to our lives 🙂

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