An update on the Control Center

Following my previous post about the GNOME Control Center, here’s a quick n’ dirty update on the current status:

  • As many of you requested, it now uses symbolic icons (and looks very neat!)
  • The panels are now grouped, following the discussion we had and based on Allan’s mockup
  • The old UI still works just as expected.

As tradition dictates, a video:


This work is yet to be reviewed and will land on master when it’s ready. All the action is happening at Bugzilla right now.

Excited? Drop a comment, share your ideas and contribute!

14 thoughts on “An update on the Control Center

  1. The design is great! Nice work! Please add an option to not use symbolic icons though. I have worked so hard to get rid of symboic icons in my Gnome system, yet they keep appearing. πŸ™‚ At least use the icon theme chosen by the user, so if I use, say, Faenza icon theme, those icons would be used instead of the symbolic ones.


  2. Great work!

    What about grouping
    – Bluetooth, Wifi, Mobile, Network to “Connectifity”
    and maybe
    – Background, Language, Privacy, Search to user, Sharing to “User Settings”


  3. I love what you’ve got here, but that grouping with the Details and Devices items just seems weird to me. For all the other panels there’s this handy top-level menu at the left where you can get to any other panel. For those ones in particular the behaviour is uunexpectedly different. Is there more to come? I wonder if it might be worth exploring a longer flat list, where the sub-sections are just grouped under their parents with a nice heading…

    Thanks for working on this. I’m really excited to see the settings panel getting more flexible and more accessible πŸ™‚


  4. I really like that it’s alphabetized. Across devices when UI or OS change so do Icons whose purpose is to help identify areas of the Devices Settings.

    So the alphabetical layout im sure will help me quickly navigate through the app to accomplish things.

    I like to think of my OS as “something that does its job and gets out of my way so I can focus on work and accomplishing goals”. Gnome seems to help me do this more than any other Shell so its no wonder this is shaping up beautifully πŸ™‚

    Nice work.


  5. Symbolic icons are much better!
    Grouping makes sense.
    This is fantastic. I’m really glad you took the feedback and improved it.


  6. Its impressive to see this work. I understand that there is definitely a lot of work behind this. Let’s keep things up πŸ˜‰


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