GNOME Calendar supports alarms

In another of my (appearently common) insomnia nights, I decided to add a cool new to my pet application – Calendar.

Something fast enough to be done in one night, but still useful.

So, this just happened:

Captura de tela de 2016-07-06 03-18-58
Alarms in GNOME Calendar


A small video demonstrating the new feature is also available:


And life goes on 🙂

21 thoughts on “GNOME Calendar supports alarms

  1. This looks cool. Whenever I build things on the web, that have date ranges, I use a daterange-picker, it’s much quicker and intuitive for the user (no idea if Gtk has this).


  2. Lovely, Now I see Calendar needs one more feature and it could be complete for me:
    Opening/Importing ICS files. 🙂

    If this calendar alarm works with GNOME Shell natively (For now, I can’t click on “Events” in the notification drawer to get the Calendar app), it would be perfect.


      1. First, It’s a weird place to have that option 😀
        I mean, I expect to have that option in the event creation dialog!

        Second, Are you sure that this imports (event) not a (calendar)? Isn’t ICS for events that can be added to a calendar? This is at least what happens with Google Calendar and Evolution! but when I used it with GNOME Calendar, it tries to add a Calendar not an event.


  3. Thanks a lot for great software

    Probably you are planning some improvements / plug-ins so I take this opportunity to describe my views.

    1-) GPS Position for Location Field
    I would be very appreciated if the “location” field accepts GPS position (lat, lon) and shows the pin point on the map if clicked.
    It is better for known GPS points and it could be better for faster data entry to increase the productivity. (I all have my contacts/company’s GPS points in my database)
    I tried to enter copied location data from gnome map but not worked. (geo:41.010894,28.968489;crs=wgs84;u=0)

    2-) Possible Gnome Map Plug-in For “Contacts, Calendar, To-Do, Notes” Apps.
    Open the Gnome Map, click the point then select one of the options as,
    – Add to Contacts
    – Add to Calendar
    – Add to Tasks
    – Add to Notes add related application.

    Thanks again,


  4. Hi! Im using your beautiful app in Ubuntu 16.04. Great job! But i cant get my private google calendar. I’ve autorized my account throught “Online account” in Ubuntu Config but, i can get dates with data only if my calendar is public (accesible for everyone). Neither can add dates from your app. Can you help me please? Thanks a lot!


    1. Hi Nicolás, I’m glad to hear you like it 😀

      About the issue, this is not really in my control. There’s a known issue with Google, and you have to explicitly expose your calendar in Google Calendar configuration.

      Besides that, GNOME Calendar officially supports GNOME Online Accounts, and Ubuntu patches it to use Ubuntu Online Accounts. If the issue you see is happening on Ubuntu-side, then you should file a bug against Ubuntu version of GNOME Calendar (probably in Launchpad).



  5. Good morning.

    Do you test and stress your program gnome-calendar ?
    Because if I “play” with the case “all day”, that create false Recurrent events and many crash !

    I wait the “Recurrent events” future.
    Actually on Linux ubuntu 16.04 I am a little afraid of calendar.


  6. Hello!
    I just installed google-calendar in Ubuntu 17.04 and I have it linked with my Nextcloud calendar. Nevertheless when I set a new event, it gets set in the wrong timezone (even though the timezone on my computer is correct)

    Do you have any idea what might cause this issue and how to fix it?

    I would appreciate any hint or a direction for help.

    Thank you for your work!


    1. Hi! If you found a bug, please report it in This way, more people will know what’s going on and perhaps someone other than me can fix it 🙂


  7. Hi! I often try your gnome calendar because I love modern GTK apps. Anyways, on ubuntu 17.04 with gnome 3.24 software stack installed via gnome-staging repo from ubuntu gnome, gnome calendar does not show notifications 😦 is there any package I need to install?


  8. For those concerned about notifications: I thought that visual notifications were not working but I was confused with the appointments editor, if the sound reminder is toggled to ON, then notifications will be presented as sound, not visual, if is toggled to OFF, then notifications will show up as seen in the video of this post.


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