Meet the new Week view

This morning, I had some free hours to spend on my baby Calendar, and of course I’d spend on what matters the most: the Week view.

I’ve been working on and off in this feature for quite a while, and the last missing piece was proper drag n’ drop support. Fear no more!, and say hello to the new Week view in GNOME Calendar:

Introducing the Week view

This work initially started as a Summer of Code driven by Vamsi, and I just went ahead and finished his work. I tried to be as careful as possible with the new Week view, in order to keep in on part with Month and Year views. That means:

  • Drag n’ drop
  • Visualizing and editing events
  • Properly handle multiday and all day events
  • Being beautiful
  • Handling too many events

And so it goes. You can create all day and multiday events very quickly:

Creating all day, multiday events by clicking the header

Of course you can also create timed events with the new week view! Check this out:

Creating a timed event in the week view’s grid

And, as always, the traditional sequence of pictures with an awsome rock-ish soundtrack!


Excited? Join #gnome-calendar IRC room at, or send me an email to get in touch! Don’t be shy. Calendar is entirely made by amazing contributors dedicating their free time to make the world a slightly better place to live πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Meet the new Week view

  1. Awesome! Thank you for bringing it to 99% there πŸ™‚ the only missing things for the week view then are bugs #777422 and #746265 (that one might be “easy” given that you already demonstrated a folding mechanism for the “all-day” portion above the week view in your screencast πŸ™‚


    1. …except if you go fancy and auto-scale the height of the calendar view and its contents to prevent scrolling when “folded hours” mode is active (which would mean recalculating the drawing of the whole thing to have perfect-fit grids and events) instead of a fixed height…


  2. I just built this last night (using GNOME Builder+Flatpak) and it works great!
    So happy about the ability to quickly schedule meeting with a specific start and end date without having to go into the details dialog, just clicking and dragging.
    Great work, and thank you so much for the effort!


      1. Any plan to improve the EDS so it can work on Evolution mails, without having to start the mail client? Would be awesome to have a mail client that can do that. πŸ˜€

        Also, any plans to start gnome-mail? If so, how could someone join the project?


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