GNOME Shell and Mutter: better, faster, cleaner

The very first update in the series is about GNOME Shell and Mutter. I've been increasingly involved with the development of those two core components of GNOME, and recently this has been the focus of my development time. Fortunately, Endless allows me to use part of my work time to improve it. Naturally, I prioritize … Continue reading GNOME Shell and Mutter: better, faster, cleaner

My Perspective on This Year’s GUADEC

Greetings GNOMEies This year, I had the pleasure to attend GUADEC at Almeria, Spain. Lots of things happened, and I believe some of them are important to be shared with the greater community. GUADEC This year's GUADEC happened in Almería, Spain. It turns out Almería is a lovely city! Small and safe, locals were friendly … Continue reading My Perspective on This Year’s GUADEC

(PSA) GLib can now canonicalize file paths

Quick announcement: if you have a relative file path, and want to resolve it against another (absolute) path, GLib can do that now. An example in C: g_autofree gchar *path = NULL; g_autofree gchar *another_path = NULL; path = g_canonicalize_filename ("../../usr/bin", "/etc/foo"); another_path = g_canonicalize_filename ("../../usr/bin", NULL); g_print ("%s \n", path); /* Result: "/usr/bin" */ … Continue reading (PSA) GLib can now canonicalize file paths

The Infamous GNOME Shell Memory Leak

Memory graph

Greetings GNOMErs, at this point, I think it's safe to assume that many of you already heard of a memory leak that was plaguing GNOME Shell. Well, as of yesterday, the two GitLab's MRs that help fixing that issue were merged, and will be available in the next GNOME version. The fixes are being considered … Continue reading The Infamous GNOME Shell Memory Leak

3.28 Release Party

Last Saturday we celebrated the release of GNOME 3.28. It was a bit late, but happened nonetheless! And even cooler than that: this was not the only Release Party around! Isaac Ferreira also organized a successful one in Recife, Pernambuco! GNOME is getting some traction in Brazil again - stay tuned 😉

Leak Hunting and Mutter Hacking

Greetings GNOMErs! Last week, when I upgraded to GNOME 3.28, I was sad to notice an extremely annoying bug in Mutter/GNOME Shell: every once in a while, a micro-stuttering happened. This was in additions to another bug that was disappointing me for quite a while: the tiling/maximize/unmaximize animations were not working on Wayland too. About … Continue reading Leak Hunting and Mutter Hacking