Markdown plugin


Gedit markdown previewerEasy to use markdown-previewer plugin for Gedit

*gedit-markdown* is a simple gedit plugin written in python.

Usage screenshot


Current Features:

  • As-you-type Markdown preview
  • Custom CSS support
  • Built-in & Separated window views (highly unstable – disabled by now)


Using gedit-markdown is easy: open a .md file and preview it.

A menu entry is found at

[Gear menu] > Tools > Markdown > Preview Markdown files

Alternativelly, you can use the keyboard shortcut:

<Primary><Shift> M


To install it, simply run as user:

$ make && make install

After that, it’ll be installed in .local/share/gedit/plugins.

System Requirements

  • Gedit >= 3.11.8
  • python-markdown


You can check on the current development status of the plugin at:

Comments, ideas and (most of all) bug reports (and especially patches) are very welcome.