App Grid in GNOME Shell

GNOME Shell is the cornerstone of the GNOME experience. It is the part of the system where the vast majority of user interactions takes place. Windows are managed by it. Launching and closing applications as well. Workspaces, running commands, seeing the status of your system — GNOME Shell covers pretty much everything. One interesting aspect … Continue reading App Grid in GNOME Shell

(PSA) GLib can now canonicalize file paths

Quick announcement: if you have a relative file path, and want to resolve it against another (absolute) path, GLib can do that now. An example in C: g_autofree gchar *path = NULL; g_autofree gchar *another_path = NULL; path = g_canonicalize_filename ("../../usr/bin", "/etc/foo"); another_path = g_canonicalize_filename ("../../usr/bin", NULL); g_print ("%s \n", path); /* Result: "/usr/bin" */ … Continue reading (PSA) GLib can now canonicalize file paths

The Infamous GNOME Shell Memory Leak

Memory graph

Greetings GNOMErs, at this point, I think it's safe to assume that many of you already heard of a memory leak that was plaguing GNOME Shell. Well, as of yesterday, the two GitLab's MRs that help fixing that issue were merged, and will be available in the next GNOME version. The fixes are being considered … Continue reading The Infamous GNOME Shell Memory Leak

Endless joined GNOME Advisory Board

Right after I wrote about my unexpected dream hacking routine at Endless, an intriguingly positive news arose: Endless joined GNOME Advisory Board, and I particularly think I should talk about that. That's old news, but important nevertheless. Let's start. Why does it matter? Endless is intimately connected to GNOME. We extensively use the GNOME stack, … Continue reading Endless joined GNOME Advisory Board