Profiling & optimizing GNOME Software

Over the past few months, the Endless OS Foundation has been putting focus on improving GNOME Software's reliability and performance. Endless OS is an OSTree-based immutable OS, and applications are entirely distributed as Flatpaks. GNOME Software is the frontend to that, and since our target userbase is definitely not going to use a terminal, we … Continue reading Profiling & optimizing GNOME Software

Maintainership of GNOME Settings

This article has been posted on GNOME's Discourse. Please use this Discourse thread to discuss the subject. GNOME Settings is one of the largest modules of the GNOME desktop. It sits comfortable as one of the bigger repositories out there. Not only that, but feature-wise, Settings is a pretty big hub of the desktop, connecting … Continue reading Maintainership of GNOME Settings

Boatswain, your Stream Deck app for Linux

I've been quiet for the past few weeks, with no live streams nor blog posts. Sorry! This was the reason: That's right: rich and engaging Stream Deck integration on Linux. Boatswain is a new app I've been working on for the past month that allows controlling Stream Deck devices. It can assign icons and actions … Continue reading Boatswain, your Stream Deck app for Linux

Even better screencast with GNOME on Wayland

With last week's release of PipeWire 3, and Mutter's subsequent adaptation to depend on it, I decided to revive something I have started to work on a few months ago. The results can be found in this merge request. PipeWire 0.3 brings one very interesting and important feature to the game: it can import DMA-Buf … Continue reading Even better screencast with GNOME on Wayland