Looking forward GNOME 3.22

The old GNOME mantra: The best GNOME release is the next GNOME release. is still true! Between backend reworks, Summer of Code projects and spontaneous contributions from awsome random contributors, here are the things that I'm looking forward with GNOME 3.22 release. Nautilus Let's face it: Nautilus is heading towards a bright future and it's … Continue reading Looking forward GNOME 3.22

The GNOME 3.20 release

Time has passed and we finally made it: GNOME 3.20 just got released. I'm writing this post in a full GNOME 3.20 + Wayland session (thanks Arch folks, [gnome-unstable] is amazing). I'd like to take some time to reflect about this release, what happened and what didn't happen. Calendar While this certainly wasn't the biggest … Continue reading The GNOME 3.20 release

Free as in available space (Nautilus & Gtk update)

One of the greatest things in contributing to GNOME is the ability to have a really close contact with highly skilled designers. We, mere programmers, learn a freakin' lot by talking to them and trying to understand their points of view. While working on the Other Locations view, one of the most requested features was … Continue reading Free as in available space (Nautilus & Gtk update)

What the future holds (or plans for GNOME 3.20)

We did it. Yes, we finally made it. We're having the 3.18 release, and is the best release ever - just like every GNOME release. We saw many cool features landing, a number of awsome project which the GNOME interns (hey, I was one of them too!) worked on this summer and lots of exciting … Continue reading What the future holds (or plans for GNOME 3.20)

Other Locations on Nautilus (GSoC final report)

Did you see what just happened with Nautilus? In case you didn't, here's what happened: Yes, Nautilus now is able to display Other Locations view, and finally it caught up with Gtk+ file chooser! It's already on master, so anyone can test it with jhbuild. Also, Nautilus 3.17.90 already includes it, so Fedora Rawhide users … Continue reading Other Locations on Nautilus (GSoC final report)

Cleaning the house (GSoC #6) & GUADEC

Some thoughts on Nautilus During the last weeks, the code on Gtk+ side is more or less settled, so I started working on Nautilus. The current situation is desperating. Nautilus code is old and, after almost 20 years of hundreds of contributors throwing their coins in, things are in a poor state. Many different formatting … Continue reading Cleaning the house (GSoC #6) & GUADEC