3.26 Release Party in São Paulo

We had a Release Party in São Paulo, Brazil. It happened at the release day, and it was absolutely great:


And we had a super awsome cake too!


What else could we ask for? 🙂


Release Party in São Paulo, Brazil

(English version after the Portuguese one)

Fala galera, tudo bem?

Teremos uma pequena festa de lançamento do GNOME 3.26 + 20 anos do GNOME em São Paulo. É uma celebração da comunidade para a comunidade, organizada pela comunidade. Graças ao nosso querido colega Derek Stavis, temos um excelente local para realizar a celebração – marquem aí em suas agendas:

  • Data: 13 de setembro (quarta-feira)
  • Horário: 18h30 ~ 21h
  • Local: Stone Pagamentos, Rua Fidêncio Ramos, 308, Vila Olímpia

Todxs serão muito bem vindxs. Basta me mandar o nome completo, e o número de um  documento de identidade (RG ou CPF).

Se puderem, levem salgados, sucos e/ou doces.


(English version below)

Greetings community!

We’ll have a small 3.26 release + 20 years party in São Paulo. It’s a celebration of the community to the community by the community. Thanks to the almighty Derek Stavis, we’ve got an excellent venue – write it down on your calendars:

  • Date: September 13th (Wednesday)
  • Time: 6:30pm ~ 9pm
  • Venue: Stone Pagamentos, Rua Fidêncio Ramos, 308, Vila Olímpia

Everyone is more than welcomed. Make sure to send me your full name, and an identity number (RG or CPF).

You’re encouraged to bring snacks and juices.

3.24 Release Party – Back in time

So, this Saturday 15th, we got together in São Paulo, Brazil, to celebrate another GNOME release. And what a fun time!

We went to a very nice place called “Taverna Medieval” (Medieval Tavern), an almost-real tavern with nice drinks, huge burgers (including the vegan one called “Elven of the Woods”! what a nice burger) and of course a super awsome tavern keeper.

My juice is no more :/

Of course, we did what normal people does: bow and arrow!

And I actually shot the middle point!

And the night couldn’t finish without a totally legit sword duel:

My honor didn’t allow me to finish him

These were some good times!

GNOME release party in São Paulo, Brazil – a humble huge success

Today, we had the first GNOME release party I’ve ever attended. All thanks to the organizing efforts of Jonh Wendell – really, we owe you one!

The Faria Lima avenue, famous here in São Paulo – and where the Red Hat office is located.

While this release party was small, I was surprised how well the conversation flowed. I thought that 1 hour would be enough, but I was plain wrong! Stayed for 3 hours, and only leaved because I really had to.


I gave a simple talk about Flatpak, an overview of how it works and why is it important. The feedback was great, really – the attendants appearently were interested in learning about it, and we had a really productive discussion about the topic (after almost 2 hours of sidetalks before I started presenting it).

Jonh cared to bring a GNOME cake and, while I couldn’t it eat, it’s officially the first GNOME cake I’ve ever seen 🙂

The infamous GNOME cake, with some coxinhas and vegan appetizers.

I’m happy I found some time to go there (almost 1h30min journey to reach there, but worth every single second). GNOME community in São Paulo, do show up at the next release party, and lets have a great time again. Thanks folks!