GNOME Calendar 3.15.4

Another great post-release showcase. Today, we saw Calendar 3.15.4 being released, with lots of great things. Let’s go through each one of them.

New mockups

The design samurai Lapo Calamandrei attacked again and did some of his usual great work, this time on Year view.

Year view mockup (multiday selection)

Year view mockup (no events)

Obviously this brings us to the shining feature of this release: the new year view.

Year view

Based on the mockups above, the GNOME ninja Erick P√©rez Castellanos presented us the new year view. Not only it implements Lapo’s mockups almost pixel-perfectly, but it goes beyond and refine it’s behavior for small screen. Let’s see:

Year view (sidelist)

For small screen, with little space available, every pixel must be saved. That’s why the new year view uses a popover to show the results. Check this out:

Year view (popover)


Remember the search was poorly implemented? Last release saw an initial prototype, with little feedback from our design experts.

Initial search implementation

Oh, that wasn’t so charming. Below, the current state of the search.

New search view

That certainly looks way better. It’s still a work in progress, but that was a step to the right direction!


Thanks to the spontaneous work from Igor Gnatenko, Calendar now appears at GNOME Software (and any other software center that relies on appdata).

The screenshot above (directly linked to the source) illustrates this. Thanks, Igor!

Better Wiki page

Oh, the Wiki. Place of many funny – I’m avoiding the horrible word here – pages. Well, Calendar really deserves a good page. Why? Because that’s where the users will normally have their first contact with the application.

Many things are needed in order to make a good web page:

  • A nice landing (aka home) page, able to catch the attention in the first glance
  • Simple and natural navigation
  • Instruction about compilation and execution of the app
  • Probably the most important topic, instructions on how to contribute.

While not all of these targets were achieveds, this was certainly a step in the right direction (again).

There won’t be images here; be sure to check


Calendar application is core in any desktop environment. It should have all the care and love it possibly can. It is such an unbelievable experience to work with these guys (Erick, Lapo, et al), but there’s still much to learn and do. Contributions are specially welcomed.

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