Final touches to Other Locations view (GSoC report #5)

After fixing many issues with the Other Locations view (a.k.a. GtkPlacesView), it is mostly ready for merge. During the last week and a half, I was able to accomplish:

  • Search support for Other Locations view
  • Empty state (following the proposed guidelines for empty states)
  • Better handling of recent servers
  • Much improved feedback on asynchronous operations like (un)mounting and connecting to servers

And here it goes a preview of the widget:

I really hope you guys are enjoying the work up to this point.

A small reflection

If I were to say, I was very upset with my work until now. Things weren’t going as fast as I thought they should go, and I was feeling bad because of it. Looking at it now, I can see that, while it’s far from finished, it’s not bad or poorly done too. Also, I can’t express how much I’m learning with the whole experience of the Summer of Code, and that is very important too.

I have to congratulate my mentor Carlos Soriano for his endless patience and attention. Also, Matthias Clasen for the very detailed (and totally voluntary) reviews of my patches, and Allan Day for his omnipresence and availability for clarifying questions. They are respectable human beings.

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