GNOME To Do 3.17.4

After introducing GNOME To Do, it finished a very important cycle of development and we had a great set of fresh features for 3.17.4 release. Check them out:

Today & Scheduled tasks

The most noticeable feature of this release are the “Today” and “Scheduled” task lists, visible from the main view. They are always updated and very handy!

Captura de tela de 2015-07-20 21-34-51 Captura de tela de 2015-07-20 21-34-41

Resizable editor &

search support

The task editor pane received some love, and it nows supports being adjusted with drag and drop! Also, we now have a rudimentary search support for task lists. Since this cannot be expressed through images, see the video below:


11 thoughts on “GNOME To Do 3.17.4

  1. Are you using libgd’s icon view? It causes several issues (both the icon and the list view) and yet everyone keeps using it. Bugzilla is full of reports related to it’s bad alignments and even the lack of it…


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