Productivity, made better

Two months ago, GNOME To Do was introduced to the outside world. People got (unexpectedly, I must admit) excited about it, and said that the app looks promising. A month lated, another version was release with a bunch of new features.

Now that we’re reaching the 3.18 release, it’s time to settle things down and stop the heavy development phase (which, by the way, should have stopped 3 weeks ago!). Let’s see what changed.

The Icon

Yes, you read it correctly. GNOME To Do finally received an icon, and the best of all: from the amazing Jakub Steiner! Take a look:


Selection Mode

The biggest highlight of this development cycle is the new selection mode. Following the GNOME selection pattern, it enables deleting & renaming tasks.

Selection mode

Some tasks are undeletable (something I couldn’t resolve reliably in time) and the Delete button gets insensitive for them.

Deleting a tasklist

Renaming tasklists is quite pleasant too:

Renaming tasklist

Error handling

Something that almost missed this release, To Do is now able to report errors that may happen. Error reporting, while it may sound too technical, is very important for the users to be able to share their issues without a major burden.

Error notification

Error report

Cleanups, cleanups, cleanups

Many fixed and cleanups were introduced. A whole class of annoyances was fixed, making GNOME To Do very pleasant and smooth to use. I sincerely hope that this small and simple application will help you organize yourselves and, at the very end, optimize your life and make you guys happier & healthier!

As always, a screencast of the cited features:

Update: don’t forget to check the brand new GNOME To Do page!

10 thoughts on “Productivity, made better

  1. Do you have plans to add time-tracking to this application, I think it will be so awesome if it have some notifications to keep you focused on your work and remind you if you’ve deviated a little 🙂


  2. I love the idea of a “minimalist personal task manager designed to fit GNOME desktop”. I don’t know if there’s being discussed before but it would be nice to have something to sync like owncloud support or anything open source too that can work outside the corporate stream.


  3. Looks nice!

    I read somewhere that for a good user experience you should really avoid reasking if you really want to delete something. Why not have a small bar at the bottom that informs about the deleted objects with an option to revert the action of deletion?


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