Smarter half tiling in GNOME Shell/Mutter

Hello GNOMErs,

I think that, at this point, at least a good part of the community is aware of the many new features that are planned to arrive with GNOME 3.26.

I’m particularly looking forward a better tiling story in GNOME Shell and Mutter.

And, y’know, I’m not exactly a referrence in being passive about my own personal technological wishes. Heck, I love hacking stuff so much that it naturally happens even when I’m sleepless and under headache. Perhaps we can call that organic hacking? ­čÖé

Anyway, I can’t just sit down and keep waiting for something I could work on, right?

And that’s why this happened:

This is obviously a work in progress. You can track the progress of this smarter half tiling in bug 645153. But, sssshhh don’t tell anyone, this is actually part of the future quarter tiling feature!

Have a wonderful night! o/

18 thoughts on “Smarter half tiling in GNOME Shell/Mutter

  1. Wonderful!!! I will use this day 1.

    I use 4k without scaling. If only I vould snap windows to quarters or a 3×2 it would be amazing ti bridge the gap between quick tiling and manual floating windows.

    I hope to resize vertically too if you get your hacker full moon howl on.

    Always nice to read these in my email.


  2. Thanks so much! I’m so very glad you decided to tackle this issue:)

    Regarding more advanced tiling, have you considered using the overview to allow users to arrange their windows? For anything more than splitting, a drag and drop interface for the windows in overview might be easier, and by taking advantage of the hardware acceleration used in overview, it should make for a nicely performing solution.


  3. I used to hack on window management in Gnome. Then they switched to Sawfish and I had to start over. Then they switched to Metacity and I had to start over. I guess they switched to something called “Mutter” at some point, but I’d given up on it by then.

    This is a neat hack, but it’s going to be useless in a couple years when Gnome decides once again to throw away everything and switch to something else.


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