Sorry for the silence

It’s been more than 6 months that I do not write in this space. Honestly, that’s the longest period of silence I’ve ever had.

There are various factors that, combined, ended up causing this period of seclusion. Learning about new, massive projects (GNOME Shell, Mutter and GNOME Settings) is one of them. Moving to a new home and marriage is another.

After finishing Masters last year, I have spent the time working with Endless full-time, and dedicating myself to parallel projects, such as Japanese language, music, gardening, and martial arts. It’s being wonderful, but that somehow distracted me from communicating changes to the community.

And for that, my apologies.

I’ll publish a series of blog posts talking about various GNOME-related activities that I’ve been involved since the last update. Hopefully they will be interesting enough.

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