Giving up on GNOME To Do

Seven years ago, back when I was a university student living with my parents and with lots of free time in my hands, I created GNOME To Do to help me organize my Google Summer of Code tasks. It was a fantastic time of my life, and I had the privilege of having time to procrastinate on writing productivity tools without earning a single coin on it.

Over the years, however, things changed. I married, moved to a new home with my partner, adopted a lovely dogga. Had to deal with the sucky parts of life like paying bills, planning meals, doing groceries, therapy, relearning how to live and operate under ADHD, taking care of myself and people around me.

Parallel to that, I’ve been collecting maintainership duties like pokémons, both due to a chronic inability to say ‘no’ and also due to genuinely being interested in most of the things I get involved with.

As it turns out, having massively less free time AND an increasing the number of things to do is not going well.

Which is why, after too much postponing and avoidance, I’m giving up maintainership of GNOME To Do. I do not have the personal resources to maintain it anymore. If anyone is interested in stepping up to maintain it, reach out and I’ll be happy to get you up to speed on the app.

10 thoughts on “Giving up on GNOME To Do

  1. Hey, just a random adhd guy here who every once in a while saw you posting about gnome todo.
    Congratulations for doing the hard and right thing and saying no to this and yes to your own boundaries. Way to go & all the best in honing this important skill!


  2. Great decision, always worth making sure this is known publicly to free up anyone in the community to help out or maybe motivate someone new to contribute. Look forward to seeing your next!


  3. Thanks for all the incredible work on maintaining the additional apps of which you speak, most of which I use and appreciate every day! I’m sure Gnome todo will find a new home.


  4. Thank you for your hard work in the past years in maintaining this application and others! I hope we find someone as skilled as you for this incredible app! 🙂


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