Boatswain 0.2.2 is out!

Last week, I’ve rolled out the 0.2.1 release of Boatswain, the Elgato Stream Deck application for Linux.

After the massive push to get the initial releases out, the development pace naturally slowed down, but I managed to pick up some new fancy features for this release. The most visible new feature is dragging button actions around:

It’s not super sophisticated, and you can’t create folders with it yet, but it’s a handy first step. Boatswain now shows hundreds of symbolic icons in the icon picker menu:

Little details here and there were polished. Light background colors now force symbolic icons to have a dark appearance. Icon sizing was improved. Thanks to Jonathan Kang, Boatswain now supports Elgato Stream Deck XL gen2 devices.

Overall, it was a good release. Smaller, focused releases make me happy. Hope they make you happy too 🙂

You can grab the latest release of Boatswain on Flathub!

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