GNOME Calendar and Drag n’ Drop

One of the most intuitive ways to interact with an application is reproducing what we do in real life. Applications try to shorten the learning curve by using metaphores of real world objects. We all know what GNOME Calendar is: a virtual calendar application. As such, using real-life calendars as a reference for it's UI … Continue reading GNOME Calendar and Drag n’ Drop

Writing a plugin for GNOME To Do – Introduction

I'm starting a small series of posts describing a general how-to on writing plugins for GNOME To Do. The good news: GNOME To Do has a very small API and it's very easy to build plugins. Note: I'll show examples in Python 3, since this might lower the barrier for contributors and it's a language … Continue reading Writing a plugin for GNOME To Do – Introduction

GNOME Calendar 3.19.90 was released

Aye folks! This was a very productive cycle for GNOME Calendar, and this release is the result of a hardworked cycle. First of all, the bad news: no DnD support, no Week View, no, no, no! But why, Mr. Feaneron? The reason is simple. Sanity. Behind the scenes GNOME Calendar is build on top of … Continue reading GNOME Calendar 3.19.90 was released