Maintainership of GNOME Settings

This article has been posted on GNOME's Discourse. Please use this Discourse thread to discuss the subject. GNOME Settings is one of the largest modules of the GNOME desktop. It sits comfortable as one of the bigger repositories out there. Not only that, but feature-wise, Settings is a pretty big hub of the desktop, connecting … Continue reading Maintainership of GNOME Settings

Sprint 5: stability, stability, stability

The Sprint series comes out every 3 weeks or so. Focus will be on the apps I maintain (Calendar, To Do, and Settings), but it may also include other applications that I contribute to. Calendar GNOME Calendar saw a moderately busy spring, mostly focused on landing a few outstanding 3.32 merge requests (thanks Michael Catanzaro for writing … Continue reading Sprint 5: stability, stability, stability

GNOME Settings: more GNOME, more settings

Before deep diving into the more extensive architectural changes that I've been working on GNOME Shell and Mutter, let's take a moment to highlight the latest changes to GNOME Settings. Being the (co)maintainer of Settings for a full year now, the development pace has been great so far. I would go as far as to … Continue reading GNOME Settings: more GNOME, more settings

My Perspective on This Year’s GUADEC

Greetings GNOMEies This year, I had the pleasure to attend GUADEC at Almeria, Spain. Lots of things happened, and I believe some of them are important to be shared with the greater community. GUADEC This year's GUADEC happened in Almería, Spain. It turns out Almería is a lovely city! Small and safe, locals were friendly … Continue reading My Perspective on This Year’s GUADEC

Say hello to the new Wi-Fi panel

The new Wi-Fi panel

Hello my GNOME friends 🙂 Y'all know that we're taking big steps to move Settings (a.k.a Control Center) to a brand-new, super shiny layout. As a courtesy of our beloved designer, Allan Day, we have mockups of a new Settings layout that is both modern and preserves (most of) the functionality we already have. He … Continue reading Say hello to the new Wi-Fi panel

The new Online Accounts & Printer panels (and other related news!)

Greetings, GNOMErs! If you're watching closely the GNOME Control Center iterations, you probably noticed it already has a bunch of new panels: Keyboard, Mouse & Touchpad, and other panels like Sharing, Privacy and Search that don't need to be ported. I'm pleased to announce that the Online Accounts panel joined this family. Check this out: … Continue reading The new Online Accounts & Printer panels (and other related news!)