Sprint 4: tons of code reviews, improved web calendar discoverer

The Sprint series comes out every 3 weeks or so. Focus will be on the apps I maintain (Calendar, To Do, and Settings), but it may also include other applications that I contribute to.

GNOME Calendar: a new web calendar discoverer & optimizations

After a fairly big push to reimplement the web calendar discoverer code, it landed in Calendar! The new code is a threaded implementation of a web discoverer where we first ping the server to see if the passed URL is an actual file; otherwise, we perform a full CalDAV discovery on the URL.

Credentials are handled automatically — if the server rejects either the file or CalDAV checks due to permission, the user is asked about it.

In addition to that, the Year view is now much optimized and we avoid a big amount of D-Bus traffic by caching the events that appear in the sidebar.

GNOME To Do: minor cleanups

Not a lot to report on To Do. The week was dedicated to fixing a few crashers and warnings. Mostly boring stuff.

GNOME Settings: lots of code reviews, adaptative improvements

The focus of the Settings week was to get the merge request backlog under control. I do not personally enjoy seeing a number bigger than 50 merge requests against it. So I set the entire week to get some reviews.

Most of the merge requests were polishments to Purism’s push towards an adaptative Settings — we should see many improvements in that front.

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