Summer of Code – Prologue

This is the first report about my Google Summer of Code project. Since I’m already a GNOME member, many administrative steps weren’t needed.

So, what happened during the community bonding period?

  • The mockups got mature enought for me to start implementing them, thanks to the amazing work of Allan Day.
  • It was discussed how things will be implemented to fit the current Nautilus code, thanks to my awsome and very patient mentor Carlos Soriano.
  • GtkPlacesSidebar is being ported to use a GtkListBox internally. This will fix many theming issues, and it’ll allow greater customization of the entries. Works is happening at this branch, again by Carlos Soriano.
  • Also, we discussed what will happen Gtk+ side.

This is a very promising project, and I hope everything gets merged before 3.18 release.

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