A picture is worth a thousand words…

And a video is worth a thousand pictures.

For those who are not aware, this is the project I’m working as part of my Google Summer of Code. The purpose of this new widget is to manage fixed volumes (like your partitions) and networks. When the set of patches for Gtk+ is complete, I’ll focus on making Nautilus work with it.


13 thoughts on “A picture is worth a thousand words…

  1. cool to see you made so much progress already! am in doubt of whether a user conceptually would distinguish an external HDD from an external flash drive, but might just be my gut feeling ofc. 🙂


    1. Hey Bastian, thanks for the tips!

      I showed in the video an External Drive being added, but that’s actually a bug in one of my USB sticks! Every external device should be shown at the sidebar, only fixed devices & networks should appear on the view.

      I made it show in the devices view as a fallback; there should be at least one way to access user devices, in the case it doesn’t appear on the sidebar. It is, however, a lower level bug (GLib? Udev?) that I wish to fix before 3.18 release 🙂


  2. Looks good! Small nit, I noticed that the path bar doesn’t have the correct path when you access the cloud drive… also, the details column should probably show the URL for a cloud drive (like davs://cloud.gnome.org/x/y/z) rather than the fuse fallback path (/run/user/1000/gvfs/…).


    1. This will need further work on the GtkPathBar (nautilus path bar does it well) but it will have to wait since I’m reworking GtkPathBar to be able to be used in nautilus directly, and therefore the GtkFileChooser can profit from it as well.


  3. The video has a terrible music. I was listening to some classical music while opening the video and it scared me quite a bit. Is it really necessary to add music to a video which has nothing to do with such a music?


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