The new search for GNOME Files (aka Nautilus)

As some (most? none? who knows =P) of you already know, last cycle I worked as a Google Summer of Code intern with Gtk+ and Nautilus. We saw the very positive results of it. And the picky eyes out there noticed that I wrote with these exact words: “While the project is over, I won’t stop contributing to Nautilus. Even with the interesting code, even with all the strange things surrounding it. Nautilus is like an ugly puppy: it may hurt your eyes, yet you still warmly love it.”

So, did I keep with my promises? Oh yeah, I freakin’ did! And here’s what happened:

Nautilus search reworkThe new search UI

What’s that, my dear lord?!

Exactly what you just saw: a cleaner, saner and more intuitive search filter editor. Nautilus has very complex but powerful internals, which allows us to do many things. And indeed, there is code for the many options in there. So, why did it used to look so poorly implemented/broken/<insert your bad word here>?

In simple terms: there was no UI to handle that up to now. See it in action:

Obviously, it’s still a work in progress. While I did my best to implement it as clean as I could possibly do – I even refactored a whole class for it! – there still is a long road of reviews and cleanups ahead. And I still didn’t implement the full text search for Tracker backend (believe me, it won’t be easy).

Hope you all enjoy it πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “The new search for GNOME Files (aka Nautilus)

  1. The video is marked PRIVATE so it can’t be viewed embedded or on the Youtube site. Still excited for the new Gnome to appear in Manjaro.


      1. By the way, the first time you open nautilus (this also shows in gtk+ file picker), the path/naviation buttons are not drawn correctly (notice the home button at the beginning of your video when nautilus launches). Something else to fix πŸ™‚


  2. Nautilus search is veey useful to me. I use it daily. There’s just something that confuses me about it: it uses tracker, yet only search on the file names, not file contents. Wouldn’t tracker also suppirt the latter?


  3. Thanks for the new Type-Ahead-Navigation in Nautilus 3.18! After the removal of the old Type-Ahead-Navigation the navigation with keyboard was slow, buggy and clumsy and now it is smooth, fast and deterministic. It selects exactly the file I want navigate to and shows me were the file is, especially the current directory.

    I know that it was named Type-Ahead-Find and it is a good search tool too, but the many purpose is fast navigation. Thank you very much! Great work!

    Now the small but nasty bug inside the File-Dialog (not Nautilus):
    You have two known files in your current directory “cstring.cpp” and “cstring.hpp” and lets say your in Gedit, for example:
    1. Ctrl + o
    2. Type: ‘cstring’ # lists cstring.cpp and cstring.hpp
    3. Type: ‘cstring.’ # all chars are delete and there is only the dot remaining
    4. Input field shows only: ‘.’

    Maybe some code interprets the dot as current directory or something else? Nautilus is not affected, what make me wonder. Shouldn’t both use the same logic?



    Could I suggest something the the input field of the search?
    Keep it left aligned and let it use the full available size. A user enters may a long filename or a combination and we start reading/writing on the left hand side. I know that Epiphany centered the address field, which made it smaller which is really a drawback, especially while handling long URLs.

    To make it short: It’s a input field, not a caption. Let it take the space it needs πŸ™‚


  5. Hello,

    Great idea to improve the integration between Nautilus and Tracker πŸ™‚

    Maybe you’ll be able to fix a bug I’ve opened for tracker-need : I need a simple way to retrieve files by tags (e.g. all bills tagged “to pay”) : . I was able to do it for tracker-needle and I’ve proposed some patches, but it is still not integrated.

    I think to use Nautilus is also a good option for me, especially because we could search by tags from a specific directory. Maybe you’ll be able to add this functionality on the same time than you add the full text search ?

    Many thanks for your work on Nautilus !
    See you



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