GNOME release party in São Paulo, Brazil – a humble huge success

Today, we had the first GNOME release party I’ve ever attended. All thanks to the organizing efforts of Jonh Wendell – really, we owe you one!

The Faria Lima avenue, famous here in São Paulo – and where the Red Hat office is located.

While this release party was small, I was surprised how well the conversation flowed. I thought that 1 hour would be enough, but I was plain wrong! Stayed for 3 hours, and only leaved because I really had to.


I gave a simple talk about Flatpak, an overview of how it works and why is it important. The feedback was great, really – the attendants appearently were interested in learning about it, and we had a really productive discussion about the topic (after almost 2 hours of sidetalks before I started presenting it).

Jonh cared to bring a GNOME cake and, while I couldn’t it eat, it’s officially the first GNOME cake I’ve ever seen 🙂

The infamous GNOME cake, with some coxinhas and vegan appetizers.

I’m happy I found some time to go there (almost 1h30min journey to reach there, but worth every single second). GNOME community in São Paulo, do show up at the next release party, and lets have a great time again. Thanks folks!


3 thoughts on “GNOME release party in São Paulo, Brazil – a humble huge success

  1. Trabalho no prédio à frente, o Faria Lima Square 🙂
    Se houvesse sabido da festa, com certeza iria hehe

    Parabéns a todos, e vida longa à comunidade GNOME 😃


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