New features in GNOME To Do

It’s been a while, folks.

Some of you might have noticed that GNOME To Do wasn’t released with GNOME 3.22. There is a reason for that: I didn’t have enough time to add new features, or fix any bugs. But that changed, and in fact big things happened.

Lets check it out.

More extensible than ever

You guys know that GNOME To Do has built-in support for plugins, and is highly extensible. You can add new panels, hook up your amazing new feature in various ways, and add new data sources, all without touching the core of the application.

For this release, I ported the ‘Today’ and the ‘Scheduled’ panels to be plugins. That means that you can customize most of your experience withing GNOME To Do now – we ship various plugins and a default experience, and the user selects what fits him/her the best.

Many plugins are available now – and the list will grow.

I, for one, don’t use the ‘Scheduled’ panel that much, so I simply wiped it out of my way.

GNOME To Do without the ‘Scheduled’ panel

It feels very fresh to customize it to perfectly fit my workflow. But that’s all that happened!


Pretty much a requirement to me, subtasks are very important to my workflow. I usually have a big task (usually a project) with many subtasks. That required a huge work to make it happen in GNOME To Do, but the result is quite nice.

Management of subtasks is done by Drag and Drop

You can drag a row over another one, and tada!, you just made the dragged row subtask of the hovered row.

Subtasks in GNOME To Do

One more step into making GNOME To Do my default task list app.

Dark theme support

Dark theme was basically non-functional on GNOME To Do. Because it heavily relies on custom theming, many CSS code it used to ship only worked well on light themes. Since I don’t override my dark theme override setting, and because no one ever provided a patch, this was never fixed until now.

And to demonstrate how the plugin system is powerful, I added a tiny plugin that switches between dark and light variants, hoping that it can be used as an example plugin for newcomers.

The new Dark Theme plugin in action.

What about the release?

I will release GNOME To Do 3.22 after some more testing – I’m pretty sure there are very specific corner cases that I didn’t managed to reproduce, and someone will fall into it.

Overall, I think this is a nice feature set to land, and I’m quite happy with the current state of GNOME To Do. Of course it can use some improvements, but I’ll focus my development on new plugins, new data sources (Todoist someone? Remember the milk? Here we go!) and exotic features like statistics about your productivity, RPG-like task management, etc.

And, as tradition dictates, a nice new video showing this hotness:

Excited? Join us in creating the best tasklist management application ever. New contributors are always welcomed. Join #gnome-todo room at the GNOME IRC server, test the application, file bugs – every single contribution matters.


16 thoughts on “New features in GNOME To Do

    1. If you need beta testers, I’d love to try this out! I’m on the look out for a task management program, use GNOME, and tend to be good at finding weird cases, so it’d be ideal. 😀


    1. Agreed, and while they’re at it I wish Nautilus had left to right desktop icons.

      Desktop Icons are completely missing on Wayland Gnome 😦 Sadly this feature really helps me keep focused when my coffee makes me have trouble focusing and I ADD out. 😦


  1. Ehm.. Maybe it is stupid question.. but.. are those tasks accessible somewhere online on google account (gmail etc)? I checked Google tasks inside gmail and there’s something totally different. Tried also GTasks app from Google Play.. app shows the same as gmail tasks. Only Evolution shows tasks added via Gnome To Do.
    Anyway.. thanks for this nice app. I like it a lot!


  2. Hi,
    Is there a PPA available for installing on Ubuntu 16.04?
    There is the official repo, but it has a very old version.
    It could make adoption by people faster if an easy way of installing that has support for automatic updates is provided.


  3. I love this application. But I cannot use it as I don’t have and don’t want a Google account.

    I would use it as soon as it gets Caldav support, which I hope is in the plans.


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