Improved half tiling available in Mutter 3.26.1

A late night announcement: the improved tiling patches (shown in a previous blog post) were merged in Mutter and and GTK+3, and will be available in GNOME 3.26.1 / GTK 3.22.23 (not yet released; should be available this week).

I’d like to thank Florian Muellner, Matthias Clasen, Jonas Adahl and AlexGS for all their support, time, code reviews and testing.

Have a wonderful night!

8 thoughts on “Improved half tiling available in Mutter 3.26.1

  1. 😍

    You’re my hero!

    Seriously this looks fantastic. I’m really excited to see some work on window management features in GNOME.


    1. Gnome 3.26 just hit the Arch stable repo and I got the chance to test this feature. It works pretty reliable and I am really happy about this improvement to the Gnome desktop.

      However, I see a lot of potential for further improvements. I don’t want to be offensive, but what is the reason for the “lag” when resizing tiled windows? The edges of the windows don’t exactly stick to each other when moving the cursor too fast and sometimes even the opposite edge moves away from the screen border for a moment. I really don’t want to belittle your work, it’s great, I am just curious about the technical reasons behind this and I am wondering if there are ideas about how to improve the “smoothness” of this feature.


  2. This is amazing!. Thanks you.

    One question. Is possible activate this effect when I pulse Super key for view all applications?.

    Best regards.


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